Wurlitzer Guitars


A Wurlitzer Wildcat      

Update! Eastwood Guitars has created a reissue of the Wurlitzer Gemini! More information on this can be found here!


     In 2001 I was given a Wurlitzer stereo guitar. The guitar had been found in an abondoned warehouse that a friend was cleaning out. I had no idea that Wurlitzer even made guitars, so I turned to the internet to do some research. Surprisingly, I found almost nothing - literally only one mention in a newsgroup posting.

     My next steps were to monitor eBay (to see if any Wurlitzer guitars popped up there), and to post in the various guitar newsgroups and messageboards to see if anyone else had any information on the brand. Over the past year, a handful of very different Wurlitzer guitars have been auctioned on eBay, and I've collected photos and details from these auctions here. Additionally, I have been in contact with several very knowledgable people who have helped me piece together the specifics of the Wurlitzer brand. I've put together this website as a reference for anyone else who might be interested.